DeLaveaga Park is home to a network of trails and recreational activities, enjoyed by a variety of visitors. The Park was originally home to Jose Vicente de Laveaga who purchased the land in 1892. de Laveaga was an avid horseman, establishing bridle trails throughout the property, making up many of the current trails. Original horse trail markings still stand if you look close enough. As a nature enthusiast, de Laveaga imported exotic plants from his homeland of Mexico. Botanical gardens, vineyards, nut groves, eucalyptus groves, cactus “fence” barriers and citrus trees were planted throughout the property among the native vegetation, many remain today. When Jose Vicente de Laveaga died in 1894, he graciously donated his estate to the City and County of Santa Cruz.

Today, DeLaveaga Park provides a valuable habitat to many different species. From the Sierran Tree Frog and California Salamander to the infamous Banana Slug, there are endless amounts of flora and fauna, resident and migrating birds, Mule deer and many other mammals all whom call DeLaveaga home. Among the wildlife, visitors are welcome to engage in various recreational activities. LEARN MORE

Upper DeLaveaga Park offers an 18-hole par 70 championship caliber golf course, driving range, award winning restaurant & bar, legendary 29-hole disc golf course, 18-hole disc golf course (Muni Course), archery course and Santa Cruz Shakespeare. Throughout the park, you can explore and enjoy the many hiking and mountain biking trails as you traverse among the redwoods. 

Come play around and you’ll discover a perfect blend of old and new, historic and epic. 


Branciforte Creek Trail 0.6 miles
Moderate trail with creek views along lower portion. Steep, difficult climb to La Corona Trail.
La Corona Trail 1 mile
Moderate trail with steeper climbs as you approach Top of the World Lookout.
Redwood Lower Loop Trail 1 mile
Easy loop trail through redwood groves.
Upper Delaveaga Loop Trail 1.5 mile
Moderate trail through mixed woodlands, with some steep and difficult sections. Be cautious of golf play.
Old Vineyard Trail 0.7 mile
Easy trail along park boundary.
Parkway Trail .3 miles
Slight uphill trail leading to RangeSide Bar at Delaveaga Golf Course.
Enchanted Trail 1 mile
Easy to moderate trail popular with dog walkers. Off-leash dogs permitted on lower portion of trail from entrance to sand pit area. Dogs must be on leash on upper portion of trail.

All trails and service roads within DeLaveaga Park are open to hikers and bicyclists.

PAR 5 | HCP 4
Think twice about grabbing the driver out of the bag for this tee shot. The hole is bordered by out of bounds on your left and lateral water on the right. A long iron or hybrid may be the best choice if you plan to stay in this narrow fairway.

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PAR 4 | HCP 10 
This 337 yard Par 4 is a real sleeper from the tee, but lateral water guards the entire right side of this hole. Miss left and the conveniently placed fairway bunker awaits you. Mounding around the perimeter of the green will challenge your short game should you miss the green on your approach.

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PAR 3 | HCP 10
This little, but difficult Par 3 is all carry over a ravine, which can result in a costly penalty if you fail to carry it. You must also guard against hitting too much club as the lateral water that wraps the right side and back of the green awaits errant tee shots. This green is one of the most challenging on the course.

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PAR 4 | HCP 12 
A 332 yard dogleg right which invites you to hit driver off the tee. Lose your tee shot right though and you could walk off the 4th with a big number.

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PAR 3 | HCP 16 
Another difficult Par 3. You’re faced with a 171 yard downhill shot to a kidney-shaped green. Pick your club wisely. Miss right of the bunkers and you’ll find yourself in yet another lateral water hazard.

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PAR 4 | HCP 6 
A very challenging dogleg right Par 4. Try and cut too much off the dogleg with your tee shot and you’ll be asking your friends to help find your ball in the eucalyptus groves lining the entire right side of this hole. The left to right sloping fairway and uphill approach will require all of your attention.

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PAR 5 | HCP 4
This 366 yard, slight dogleg left requires two very well placed shots. Aim at the fairway bunkers off the tee to give yourself the best angle into the green. Miss the fairway off the tee and you’ll be lucky to escape with par.

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PAR 3 | HCP 18 
From the tee, this little Par 3 looks inviting, but be careful with your alignment and club choice. Deep front bunkers and a severely left-to-right sloping green await errant tee shots.

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PAR 4 | HCP 2
Pull out your driver for this 408 yard Par 4. Hit it down the left center of the fairway, aiming just left of the clubhouse in the distance. OB borders the entire right side of this hole, so don’t start thinking about lunch at the turn too soon.

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PAR 5 | HCP 4
Driving Range
Our two tired, 40-station lighted driving range offers three sizes of buckets. Range service including snacks and beverages are also available.

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Grille at DeLaveaga
Our newly renovated, award-winning restaurant, offers both Continental and Californina cuisine using carefully sourced products featuring many local and organic farms. Enjoy our stunning views, outdoor patio & deck seating, built-in fireplace, full bar and relaxing atmosphere.

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RangeSide Bar
Visit the RangeSide Patio Bar adjacent to the Driving Range – a hidden oasis among the trees. With outdoor seating only, this beautiful setting offers a full bar, TV, music, cornhole and pingpong. Sneak away, relax, have a beverage and enjoy.

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PAR 5 | HCP 1 
Pull out your driver for this 408 yard Par 4. Hit it down the left center of the fairway, aiming just left of the clubhouse in the distance. OB borders the entire right side of this hole, so don’t start thinking about lunch at the turn too soon.

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PAR 3 | HCP 15 
A 164 yard Par 3 which plays slightly uphill. This relatively deep green is guarded by bunkers on the left and right.

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PAR 4 | HCP 9 
Bordered by lateral water along the entire left side of the fairway, which slopes significantly from left to right. Fairway bunkers further complicate matters off the tee, so pick your line carefully. Your approach shot will play slightly uphill and you’ll most certainly be dealing with a sidehill lie, so going straight at the pin might be wishful thinking.

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PAR 4 | HCP 13 
Hit a long iron to the top of the ridge and you’ll have a good look into this green, which is one of the narrowest at DeLaveaga. The green sits on a slight hill, so your approach will be all carry. Remember to pick enough club. Also keep in mind that missing this green deep would be one of the most costly mental mistakes possible on this course.

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PAR 4 | HCP 17 
Try not to worry yourself about the tree-lined ravine that stands between you and the fairway. For the big hitters, this green is reachable. A pair of trees which stand in the center right of the fairway can create a difficult approach into the green, so be careful picking your line off the tee.

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PAR 5 | HCP 7 
The last of DeLaveaga’s challenging Par 3’s. Lateral water frames the entire left side. Bunkers surround the green which slopes primarily from left to right, and back to front.

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PAR 4 | HCP 3 
The tee shot on this 405 yard Par 4 is basically like trying to hit a ball through the eye of a needle. If you can get past the line of trees on your right and tree-lined hazard on the left, the hole opens up nicely for your approach into the green. Bottom line is long and straight off the tee is the way to play the 16th.

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PAR 5 | HCP 11 
This 513 yard, dogleg left Par 5 is reachable in two for big hitters. Driver is the play off the tee, taking aim at the group of trees standing at the right corner of the dogleg. Lateral hazards line the entire left side of this hole so don’t get careless. You will face an uphill approach shot so be sure to take enough club.

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PAR 4 | HCP 5 
The finishing hole at DeLaveaga demands your full attention. The play off the tee is driver, aiming down the right center of this right-to-left sloping fairway which will keep you out of the lateral water bordering the entire left side of this hole. Your approach shot will be slightly downhill into a very challenging and undulating two-tiered green.

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